zondag 9 september 2012

Strip festival Breda2012 (day1) A complete succes

Had a kickin' time at the "strip festival Breda" yesterday (09-09-2012) 
Met a whole bunch of new guys and gals that are in the bizz
hope to refresh these contacts soon, with crumpets and tea ;)

At some point talking for 2 hours?! with Jan. my legs went sour from standing still the whole time and still had a good time chatting up a storm.

Windmill comics was at the show to, 
had some interesting talks with the guys at that table,
so hopefully there will be a continuation..

well, hope there will be a continuation with every one i've met yesterday.

Before the day got at an end, i went back in nerd mode,
because in the begining i've seen a few AKRIA books 
(the original epic comics prints)
wich i adore, and need to get 100% complete in different forms..

Soo, i went back to see if they where still there, and eureka! not a one sold
so i got the books i thought i didn't have.. and let the one that i knew i didn't have stay there, (the dude asked way more than it was worth)
so i got a couple other ones...  when i got ome i went to my book closet and what ya know, i had 4 of the 5 books already :(

so the hunt is still on for the missing books (but, that's the fun of it)

Thanks to the friends who went with me and thanks for diner (the late BBQ was a blast) some of us saw falling stars, others a T-Rex in a guys backyard.... and people tell me i have to much imagination ;)

Toon on!

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