dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

Benbo flyer in the Library

After 4 episodes online on the benbo site,
i felt it was time to get some readers in the vicinity of where i live to the benbo site, that aren't gun toding explosinon lovers like guy's in the USN.

So i thought about making a fold-out banner, 
I went to the library with this question, and basacly they said, 
"That's a nice idea, about the banner we need to talk it over with the staff,
but, if you can fix a flyer i will hang that up A.S.A.P"

well. as you know i'm not one to linger on stuff like this,
so, i went home made the banner, made the flyer,
got it printed out laminated it, and went back to the library..

the dude that opend, wasen't the dude that i had the talk with,
and he said, come back monday..

i did, and BAM, he placed the flyer above the comic section, on the wall
what seemd like all in the same second.   

and when the real banner arives.. what to do with that

where to place it.. i know i'm taking it with me at conventions, but what to do in the meantime... any ideas? ;)

Toon ON!

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