donderdag 25 april 2013

Almost forgot about this...

Almost forgot to mention this in the Blog,

durring the "Stripdagen" gorinchem 2013,
i got visited by 2 dudes on the last day of the CON,
telling me they were from the J-pop foundation

and wanted to buy my book, to let it run at the 'Dutch Manga Awards'

i was all to glad to sell it to them.

Time go's by, meanwhile i got my book placed on the shelves at my local comicbook store..

two days ago (23april) When a friend Apped my with the question 'what's the word on the award ceremony?' i told her, 'dunno, i'll mail them in to morning'.

after saying that, i directly got a mail.. Telling me, i got through the first round. and was invited to come to the awards on 31 May 2013..

How about them beans

Don't know about you guys.. but i can't wait for it.


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