zondag 29 april 2012

And now, what to call her..

Well guys, here she is, our Mascot,
help us think of a name for our her!
Out of all the send-ins we will pick one 'winner'.

How to do that?, well easy.
go to our facebook fan page, and replay to the "And now, what to call her" post
or, you can replay to our tweet with hash tags: "#toonon" / "#pickaname"

..or simply replay to this post on this blog 
easy right.

the prize is:  drumroll... knowing you helped naming our Moon-Toons mascot :D

donderdag 26 april 2012

The Moon-Toons twitterlook: Collorfullcoollness in 2012

For the non twitter followers:
Here is the brand new interface of our twitter account
thought it would be nice to document all these little changes,
just to see how it looked like when it started out.

maandag 23 april 2012

HEY, Guess what!!

Like the banner says.. "HEY GUESS WHAT".

The postcards are officially on sale,
for 1,50 euro's a piece (and 4euro shipping and handeling)
You can show your love for Moon-Toons!

real glad how they turned out, 3 of them are still available,
the other two that are sold out right now, those are being re-orderd.

if you want them, go to our website and follow the instructions from there.

the numbers that are places on the images of the cards is the reference point
so, place the number and how many of the items you want in a mail with your contact / shipping info
to sales@moon-toons.nl

(No shipping out side of europe as of yet.)

thank you

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vrijdag 6 april 2012


I am patenting the terms " Toon on' and ' Toon off" for myself this second

I have my own slogan thingy, and that's awesome!

Toon off

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our first update

Well, moon-toons.nl just had it's first update, the look is nice and clean, that's how we like it, but it needs something more, like a CMS and so on.. but this will suffice for now.  Toon off.

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