donderdag 13 september 2012

The Sarge is live and kicking !!

Back in 2011
early to middle 2011,

i was creating a comic,

i was working for a small local newspaper. did the DTP for them,
the paper was illustration and comic free, so during our meetings when i first started working there, i spontanious mentioned that i draw aswell next to graphic design and DTP.

they where interested in my drawing capabillity, and let me know that maybe i could do a comic for there paper..

after hearing that, i got loads of inspiration,
and got cracking on a comic, seeing i'm kind of a gear nut,
and have loads of respect for the army, navy etc, etc, and at that point i really had a head full of it.. still do.. ( if i wheren't doing funny books i probably would be a grunt of some kind, but the creative spirit had the upper hand)


i got to work on some character design's
and had a rough idea about the story in my mind..

And the next 6 months, i was creating what came to be SGT BENBOit was i gues december 2011 when i was finished with the introduction of the sarge, and i was real happy with the out come.
(His war story's are so cool, they sould make a movie out of it, he has plenty of years behind him of cool story telling, he's a tough love kind of guy, not real talkative and when he does it feels like he whants to rip your head off..)

anyway, got the story done, and i thought, this newspaper can't handle Ben,
so, what can i do for ben's efforts, him telling his war story'.. i can't let it be for not.. so, i went webcomic on his ass.

got the name, etc etc, and seeing i'm a noob at CMS etc etc, i couldn't make the site, and had no one really to help me out...

 After almost a year on hiatus,
i figured out what to do with the site, when i went to a little comic convention in Breda and talked with some guys, and they talked about webcomics
got home, had a nice weekend, and the monday after i got cracking on the site, deleted everything on the old site, loaded a basic CMS, and searched for the right theme, and bingo, i got the site running, close enough to the design i was looking for. Not 100% satisfied, still needs some changes but it will do for now.

even have a donation button,
i'm the last one that wants that, always thought damn beggers with there donation drives all over the internet..  but after standing in there shoes like this, i get it,  i mean, that website doesen't pay for it's self, and let alone the production time i have with making the comic.. so i thought i can hold up, with the possibility of getting the website killed (RE: no funds for the website)
or setting my pride on the side, and just placing that donation button on benbo's site.. i did it, and i will see what will happen with it..

i will tell every one, every penny wil go to benbo, so i can tell his story for him, and for all the fans out there.. ( probably 1 or 2 at the moment) wich include myself.

So i would say to end this blog,

go check Ben out at his place, maybe leave a comment
he will appriciate the hell out of it, he may come over as a hardass, 
but has a heart of gold..

  I'll hook you up:


Have a blast
and remember..

Read em' Share em' Bagg em' and Tagg em' 

Toon On! 

zondag 9 september 2012

Strip festival Breda2012 (day1) A complete succes

Had a kickin' time at the "strip festival Breda" yesterday (09-09-2012) 
Met a whole bunch of new guys and gals that are in the bizz
hope to refresh these contacts soon, with crumpets and tea ;)

At some point talking for 2 hours?! with Jan. my legs went sour from standing still the whole time and still had a good time chatting up a storm.

Windmill comics was at the show to, 
had some interesting talks with the guys at that table,
so hopefully there will be a continuation..

well, hope there will be a continuation with every one i've met yesterday.

Before the day got at an end, i went back in nerd mode,
because in the begining i've seen a few AKRIA books 
(the original epic comics prints)
wich i adore, and need to get 100% complete in different forms..

Soo, i went back to see if they where still there, and eureka! not a one sold
so i got the books i thought i didn't have.. and let the one that i knew i didn't have stay there, (the dude asked way more than it was worth)
so i got a couple other ones...  when i got ome i went to my book closet and what ya know, i had 4 of the 5 books already :(

so the hunt is still on for the missing books (but, that's the fun of it)

Thanks to the friends who went with me and thanks for diner (the late BBQ was a blast) some of us saw falling stars, others a T-Rex in a guys backyard.... and people tell me i have to much imagination ;)

Toon on!

vrijdag 7 september 2012

Strip Festival Breda 2012

This up comming weekend we will be attending the "stripfestival Breda"
in...well, Breda.

this time it's in an un official capacity,
hopefully next year, when "Follow The Norm' 
is finalised we will have a booth / table there.

This weekend we will walk around, chat with other artist, do a little hobnobbing, have some laughs, and to show our artwork to each other.
all in all to have a fun time.

hope to meet some cool guys and galls and expand our Network.

Maybe we will see you there,

Have a good one.

Toon on!

Regards the

Moon-Toons Staff
Some of you might already have guessed
Moon-Toons works with in the english language,
although, it's a dutch company.

reason for that is
Most of the Dutch folk is not really comic/ illustration oriented

(they think it's for kids, it's childish...
Not knowing The Avengers grost $125 million during its three-day opening weekend in North America...and yeah it's a movie.. but it's a comicbook movie..makes us comicgeeks feel good that we got most of the 'normal folks by there balls when it comes to entertainment.. an no i have nothing to do with that movie but still, it feels good.)

so, i'm not really game for that negative vibe from these dutch folk's.
Looking down at our work and that of my colleagues, so i choose to work in english,
instead of my native toungh, because my american bretherin overseas, love comic's like strips, animation. and like it on a higher level that the people here in the BENELUX the guys that do like them .. 

ofcourse there are exeption.

but what is your (the reader of this blog's) opinion on this

Is it cool that we choose to work this way,
to try to get my work across to more people like this,
or should i stick to my own language,
and let the dutch folks read my work first ..And be glad if they will read it.


Toon on!