zondag 8 juli 2012

Follow The Norm facebook banner..and some jibba jabba

This one is up for a while now on Facebook, but I wanted to place it here on my blog aswell, to keep every step documented as we go along.

some designs where not like they are in the upcoming book,
but close enough, the banner says, "work in progress" after al.

for me at the moment while working on 'FTN' the story is evolving with every page and go's places where i never thought they where going,

meaning that i don't know what the next step is going to be of these characters, don't know if others work like this, i know illustrators like campbell, or someone else for hire to illustrate a script that does his work like asked of him.. but one that has creative control in the story.. i wonder if they are surprised by the outcome of there own story while they are writing it.

after working on this book, i can certainly say.. yes. i'm surprised by some steps the characters take, and how the story evolves in front of my eyes

i think it's cool that my own work surprises me the way i does
it keeps it interesting