dinsdag 7 augustus 2012

The first [test] book of Follow The Norm is done!

After one of the worst weekends / weeks in years,
the first [test] book of Follow The Norm is done!

After a week of checking, and that F*cked up weekend
the book is printed for us to go lobby with..

hopefully the story will get people interested, interested enough to let the book get some screen time in exibition rooms..

my plan is to pick the most ecstatically pleasing pages out of the book
blow them up to giant size on hard presentation grade cardboard, and let those be presented to the public. With ofcourse some explanation about the expo / book, so that visitors know what is going on.
Next to the big pages, i made a big banner to hang up so it's now way possible that people will mis the expo when it is on it's way.

i hope to get an exposition near 
-Waalwijk / Drunen
- Den Bosch
- Tilburg

a few weeks ago i was thinking if this go's well,
maybe i could go for amsterdam, of for that matter a place near friesland
but the last option i'll think i'll pass on.

I like to get a spot in those city's at a gallerie for example even a nice theater will be a verry good place for the book to make it's entrance

If you readers know of a nice place for us to expose this book, be it in a galarie or a theater, anywhere there are artie things going on, i will take those option in to account..

same go's for galarie holders, if you want to show this to your  public,
please, by all means. Contact us via E-mail

we'll be happy to take the time, talking about possible options.

Thanks for taking the time reading this


Moon-Toons crew