dinsdag 29 december 2015

Reason why i use filters when uploading my content on social media

Next to filtering original photographs i take of my work i tend to place my Moon-Toons logo where ever i can to make sure it's in the picture, so people can see where it came from. If it's a picture taken from an actual page, or if it's digitally rendered, i stick my logo up there, next to signing the piece itself..

Hearing from colleagues, that upload their unaltered artwork, with no filters, no logo, hardly their autograph and then letting everybody know that some one  stole their work from their site with no mention of the original artist.. i get why one uploads they're work, specially when it looks awesome,  but
i'd like to skip the strangers are stealing my work stadium..
I'll take a picture of my work, with my logo in the frame, upload it to instagram pick a filter, next to that filter i blur the picture enough so people can still see what's going on and what work i created, but it's no longer desirable to steal for other people, seeing it has my name and logo on it and over that a few filters..

I know it takes a whole lot out of the art work by doing this, but i hear a lot of nasty things happening to artists, to Indy artists, and big names, that work for big companies, seeing my life is in my characters, and i'd HATE to see something happened to what is my life's work ending up in to the hands of lifeless gutter trash that may or may not take credit for something that they didn't do. i'll take the filtered road, thank you very much..

Happy holidays folks,

and let´s make 2016 a better, more colorfull.and filled with love than this one was !