zondag 4 november 2012

Chapter II of SGT BENBO in the works

With the weeks going by, and that go's faster as one might think,
i already started work on the second chapter on the adventures of SGT BENBO a little while back, 

with the first 6 parts done and done. I have two more to color, and then draw out and ink, the scripts that i did when the site went live for the first time.

those sketches of the benbo comic i make in a dummy book, usually i sketch on a blank peace of paper, but with this series and with the Follow The Norm series i found out that it is way easyer to draw sequentials in a book.

Now with the first book done last year and now the second one going well, because of that the dummybook is full, i need to get another one specially for SGTBENBO.. this is on my to do list, after i finished this remaining batch.

I hope that when the first chapter is done,
there is enough interest to realy print a book, (on my own or maybe there is a publisher that sees fit to print the book) any case i would love to see Benbo in stores world wide..  just aslong i make the desisions on every little step in the process, i already have the template and in what format / size the book must come, it's a cool format to boot.. 

At the 'stripfestival breda' i've let people see the first chapter, in book form.
(the webcomic wasen't live before then, after that i got anctious to get it live)
but reactions of people that seen the book where so positive, that it made me feel good.  so i'm sticking with it.. (even if no one got my vision..i still would've stuck with it, but nonetheless, it's nice to know other people can get behind my work and in wich mold i put things)  i'm not that much of an outcast afterall ;) 

tomorrow i'll color the two remaining strips,
and probably start with the first two scripts in the book that lay before me.

for now,

i'm signing off,

Toon On!