donderdag 4 juli 2013

FollowtheNorm #1 interview 2013


our first interview on Follow The Norm #1 of the previous week, is in today's newspaper, two of them to be exact -the "de maasroute' and 'De heusdense courant"

So, very happy with that..
The only thing i don't like as much, is that their calling it a 'manga' trilogy
and it's not a manga.. other than that it's a great interview

on to tonight,the official opening for invited busines relations at 'theater De Leest' trying to give my book a bit more attention..

You can get Copies of Follow the Norm through the official Moon-Toons e-mail,
or you can go to 'silvester strips' to pick out your own copy

Book costs €12.99

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