vrijdag 7 september 2012

Some of you might already have guessed
Moon-Toons works with in the english language,
although, it's a dutch company.

reason for that is
Most of the Dutch folk is not really comic/ illustration oriented

(they think it's for kids, it's childish...
Not knowing The Avengers grost $125 million during its three-day opening weekend in North America...and yeah it's a movie.. but it's a comicbook movie..makes us comicgeeks feel good that we got most of the 'normal folks by there balls when it comes to entertainment.. an no i have nothing to do with that movie but still, it feels good.)

so, i'm not really game for that negative vibe from these dutch folk's.
Looking down at our work and that of my colleagues, so i choose to work in english,
instead of my native toungh, because my american bretherin overseas, love comic's like strips, animation. and like it on a higher level that the people here in the BENELUX the guys that do like them .. 

ofcourse there are exeption.

but what is your (the reader of this blog's) opinion on this

Is it cool that we choose to work this way,
to try to get my work across to more people like this,
or should i stick to my own language,
and let the dutch folks read my work first ..And be glad if they will read it.


Toon on!

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