donderdag 13 september 2012

The Sarge is live and kicking !!

Back in 2011
early to middle 2011,

i was creating a comic,

i was working for a small local newspaper. did the DTP for them,
the paper was illustration and comic free, so during our meetings when i first started working there, i spontanious mentioned that i draw aswell next to graphic design and DTP.

they where interested in my drawing capabillity, and let me know that maybe i could do a comic for there paper..

after hearing that, i got loads of inspiration,
and got cracking on a comic, seeing i'm kind of a gear nut,
and have loads of respect for the army, navy etc, etc, and at that point i really had a head full of it.. still do.. ( if i wheren't doing funny books i probably would be a grunt of some kind, but the creative spirit had the upper hand)


i got to work on some character design's
and had a rough idea about the story in my mind..

And the next 6 months, i was creating what came to be SGT BENBOit was i gues december 2011 when i was finished with the introduction of the sarge, and i was real happy with the out come.
(His war story's are so cool, they sould make a movie out of it, he has plenty of years behind him of cool story telling, he's a tough love kind of guy, not real talkative and when he does it feels like he whants to rip your head off..)

anyway, got the story done, and i thought, this newspaper can't handle Ben,
so, what can i do for ben's efforts, him telling his war story'.. i can't let it be for not.. so, i went webcomic on his ass.

got the name, etc etc, and seeing i'm a noob at CMS etc etc, i couldn't make the site, and had no one really to help me out...

 After almost a year on hiatus,
i figured out what to do with the site, when i went to a little comic convention in Breda and talked with some guys, and they talked about webcomics
got home, had a nice weekend, and the monday after i got cracking on the site, deleted everything on the old site, loaded a basic CMS, and searched for the right theme, and bingo, i got the site running, close enough to the design i was looking for. Not 100% satisfied, still needs some changes but it will do for now.

even have a donation button,
i'm the last one that wants that, always thought damn beggers with there donation drives all over the internet..  but after standing in there shoes like this, i get it,  i mean, that website doesen't pay for it's self, and let alone the production time i have with making the comic.. so i thought i can hold up, with the possibility of getting the website killed (RE: no funds for the website)
or setting my pride on the side, and just placing that donation button on benbo's site.. i did it, and i will see what will happen with it..

i will tell every one, every penny wil go to benbo, so i can tell his story for him, and for all the fans out there.. ( probably 1 or 2 at the moment) wich include myself.

So i would say to end this blog,

go check Ben out at his place, maybe leave a comment
he will appriciate the hell out of it, he may come over as a hardass, 
but has a heart of gold..

  I'll hook you up:


Have a blast
and remember..

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