donderdag 25 april 2013

Benbo update(s)

With Chapter 1 online,
and the second chapter going live next month on 5 May.

i had the idea to pitch a new benbo story to magazines that are 'Benbo minded' (as in Weapon / Gun magazines)

as of yet i contacted 1 magazine, and they where keen on the idea,
telling me they had that same proposition before, but those guys wanted to do a continuous story line not knowing it was a magazine that comes out once every two months.

originally i wanted to do a story that had a beginning and an end for a magazine,specially for a magazine that comes once every blue moon.

now i'm done with 2 of the "Benbo EXTRA's"
and i am going to pitch them this week to that magazine, and see what comes out of it.

one thing i can tell you,
the production of the benbo extra's is more difficult than the on-going series,
why i don't know, probably because i'm restricted in a sertain ammount of space, and i can make the regular series as long and filled with detail as i want in one chapter.

Though i hope the magazine will pick it up.

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