woensdag 29 mei 2013

The road to the EXPO [ Theater De Leest ]

We'll after the books is finished

the road to the first exposition for Follow The Norm is the easy fun part..

Step #1:

Duplicate your original pages in their original A3 format:


Step #2:
Get yourself some MDF and cut it up to the right size:


Step #3:

Paint the sides.. Rightah circle, leftah circle, Up, Down..


Step #4

Deliver the first glue coating, and let it all soak in.


After it is soaked in and dried up, place the seacond coating and place the pages on to the surface, and let it dry up so the lumps are gone:

Hang up the pages with the system you like to use.

First expo for Follow The Norm will be on 30-05-2013 at Theater De Leest..

The Book itself is on sale directly from Moon-Toons

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